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Knowing our client industries

No two industries are the same.

You need a partner who not only understand this but has built its entire organization around it. A partner who truly grasps the ins and outs of your unique world.

From automotive to luxury, banking to IT, Comdata is meticulously in tune with its clients’ diverse needs. Our business functions are organized by sector, powered by real industry-specialized consultants, tools and processes. This industry-centered approach allows us to intelligently design and shape our solutions and adapt them to your requirements.

With Comdata, you can count on a reliable partner who speaks your customers’ language, appreciates the unique challenges and dynamics of your company within your industry, embraces your vision, fuels your transformation, and works hand in hand with you to surpass your highest expectations. We live and breathe your business.


Hands-on action: we think & we do

We are pragmatic problem solvers. We are thinkers and doers. We are makers. That’s why we won’t waste time overintellectualizing your strategies and theorizing about what it takes to win. Our people work hard to get it done. We lay out a clear vision and execute smart strategies to bring it to life.

Our eyes are set on the goal today, but they’re also peering assertively into the future. Because we embrace innovation and all the opportunities of the Digital Age. By integrating intelligent tools with your existing channels, we help you significantly enhance your customer experience.

Our Comdata Digital team is a leader in its sector and puts its high-tech infrastructure and services to work for you, from A.I. to chatbots to smart data analysis. And our “augmented agents” are empowered with the tools, technology and autonomy needed to deliver value, making complicated things simpler and high ambitions achievable. We deliver excellence and can design the future of customer management.


Tailor-fit offering

The perfect Customer Management solution for you depends on a variety of factors – your size, your profile, your industry, your budget, your ambitions, your language, your geography.

We address a wide range of business processes related to Customer Management, from sales and customer care to tech support and credit management. And we achieve this through a full scope of operational services, including front office, back office, innovative tools and consulting.

We’re able to take over any and every aspect of your customer business processes activities – including carve-out 1 approach – with no interruption to your business, while applying the highest level of data-security standards. Through a smart blend of people, processes and technology, and the flexibility to adapt to new ways of working – whether on-site or work-at-home – we generate real customer value and make customer interaction simpler, safer and more efficient.

Your ultimate goal is to increase customer value. Our complete portfolio of solutions makes it happen! 

1. «carve-out» is an operation whereby Comdata takes over the customer management activities of a company that previously managed them internally. Comdata then signs a service contract with the company for several years. These operations are often accompanied by the transfer of part of the company’s staff to Comdata.


Powerful global presence on-the-ground value

Size doesn’t always matter. But when it does, we know how to put it to work. Backed by a strong international presence throughout 22 countries in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Indian Ocean regions, and proven leadership in our key markets, we’ve got the reach and the strength to boost competitiveness beyond borders. Our multi-lingual centers are: Barcelona, Bucharest, Casablanca, London, Paris.

There is power in numbers. But there’s also intelligence in them. By leveraging the insights of millions of customer interactions around the globe, we’re able to generate valuable insights and share best practices across diverse countries and cultures.

Being strong is also about being durable. With our robust resources and skills, we’re able to make sound investments in research and innovation, display better resilience to handle crises, and act as a responsible player for our people and our planet.

That’s what’s expected of a global leader – the power to make a difference

From country to country, end-users have extremely diverse ways of thinking and behaving. Therefore, no global expansion can be based on a top-down approach. For us, it’s important to understand local behavior and sensitivities. And we believe that issues are best solved when dealt with at the most immediate and local level. Although we all stand behind one Comdata brand, each of our organizations benefits from solid on-the-ground expertise and culture-specific problem-solving.

Today, we have a native team in every market. They all share the same global values, but their multicultural experience allows them to better understand and manage our clients’ requirements and expectations. As a Comdata client, we’re close to you and even closer to your needs! 

We’re strong enough to lead and local enough to care.