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Add value to the Customer Relationship side of your Business

The customer experience is increasingly a major focus for B2B players:

  • Customer expectations are growing and evolving.
  • Businesses need agility and sustained engagement.
  • The impact of word-of-mouth is growing.

In the B2B sector, prioritizing the customer experience has proven to be a key factor for differentiation and economic performance. The relationship aspect is increasingly important in B2B "consumer" relations because "we are all both regular consumers and professionals."

The lines between the personal and professional spheres are therefore becoming increasingly blurred. B2B consumers react to rational stimuli but also increasingly to emotional stimuli. Faced with these challenges, B2B companies are now developing strategies that focus more on the customer.

To meet the specific needs of the B2B sector (SoHo, SME, key accounts), administrations and associations, we have developed a specific approach. It is designed to manage business challenges, expectations in terms of efficiency and the conduct required for advisers.

Regardless of the contact channel, our experts support your B2B customers with standards, making appointments and calendar management, capture (sales, inside sales, orders), multichannel customer service, technical and sales support (B2B2C), technical assistance, and collection and recovery.

To do this, our teams:

  • Map and analyze the performance of the existing B2B structure
  • Cobuild the customer journeys and optimized scripts based on the type of B2B target
  • Recruit senior and experienced candidates who can adapt to the B2B target
  • Integrate and develop customized tools and technologies you need (solutions for telephony, payments, Internet leads management, shared agendas with network sales reps, etc.)
  • Steer operations by providing realtime reporting and CRM solutions based on your needs, optimize field feedback on a daily basis to continuously improve sales performance, product offerings and customer satisfaction