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Harmonize online and offline for a seamless Customer Journey

The distribution sector is constantly evolving and has experienced significant disruption since the advent of digital.

The massive popularity of e-commerce has transformed consumption patterns and changed what consumers now expect. They are now more than happy to research products in a store and then proceed to buy them online. They also have an overabundance of ways to compare products, offerings and services — and all just a click away. Furthermore, they are eager to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction on social media.

To ensure customer satisfaction, a seamless omnichannel customer experience is now essential.

As a distribution stakeholder, you must offer them seamless omnichannel customer journeys, but also permanently transform your customer relations strategy to anticipate how their expectations will change. To achieve all this, you need to have:

  • A choice of interaction channels (phone, email, chat, instant messaging, etc.) 
  • Instant and rapid contact
  • Human contact based on support, transparency and respect
  • Proactive information and anticipation of dysfunction
  • Respect for commitments

With our specialized distribution and e-commerce teams, and their multichannel approach, you can offer your customers a smooth and emotive purchasing experience to build loyalty.

What we bring to your business:

  • We meet your customers' expectations: multichannel, flexible, smooth, simple, etc.
  • We achieve optimal efficiency through responsiveness and by providing rapid and user-friendly answers to all customer requests.
  • We personalize interactions by integrating all customer data available.